If you’ve never seen Hans Rosling speak, scroll down, click play, and be amazed.

Before Hans passed away, he wrote down his big learnings in Factfulness. This is one one those books everyone should be read. It’s a easy read, and insightful and hopeful, and at the same time, frightening.

The key lesson is that almost no one really knows what is going on in the world. Population growh, global health, education, quality of life. Hans asked thousands of people what they know about the world, and in no case did he find a group whose answers were better than guessing. In most cases, their answer were in reality worse than guessing.

Think you are the exception, go to Gapminder and take the test yourself.

Beyond the facts, Factfulness explains why we get these answers wrong. Why we see doom and gloom on the planet when reality is hopeful.

Hopeful beyond the fact that we the worlds best statistician story teller. Here are more of Hans’ public talks to enjoy:

And Ola Rosling, describing the results of the survey you just took, where your answers were at best only slightly better than chance.

By "Luni"


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