Growing Impactful Companies with Luni Libes – Ted Teo Podcast


On today’s episode, Luni shares about how he grows impactful companies, his work with Fledge and Africa Eats (which is formed by the graduates of the Fledge program), and why storytelling is such an important skill for any entrepreneur.

Key Actionable Advice

1. One can create impact with a company by embedding the mission into its products or solutions. Like Wholefoods, the mission to provide high quality organic food to people was built into its business model.

2. Learn to think outside the book with the limited resources you have. Great businesses are often built from the ingenuity of an entrepreneur who is able to make the most of what they have and to innovate something out of it.

3. Focus on being able to tell your company’s story. Good storytelling gets a higher level of engagement from customers and helps grow your business.

By "Luni"


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