Inside the Apple II4


Do you remember my journey down the 8-bit computing rabbit hole?

Well… if you are going to do something for fun like designing an upgraded 1976 CPU and writing a 1979 personal computer operating system, you might as well go all the way and write the accompanying book too, in the matching late-1970s style.

I read a lot of fan fiction in my free time, but I don’t recall ever seeing much fan non-fiction. Copying the style of the Inside the ____ book series was fun too, including designing and drawing the cover.

Plus below is the 1970s style Apple advertisement which is included inside the book.

What is the point of all this? I’d say 90% this was a hobby project, giving me something to think about to get my mind off of work, when I needed to get my mind off of work. But the other 10% is the continued lesson that it is important to question assumptions, to question whether there are better solutions, and to keep innovating.

UPDATE: April 2024

Woz has a signed copy of the book, signed by me, and I have a signed copy of the book too, signed by him. Thanks Woz!


And a second copy of the book signed by Bill Mencsh, one of the fathers of the 6502!

By "Luni"


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