Harry Potter: Chapters 8 through 800,000


As an entrepreneur and investor I’m constantly running through “what if” analyses. In my off time it seems I do something similar, but there I let creative others come up with new variation. What this looks like is Harry Potter fan fiction, where you already know the characters and story arcs, but where each time you start a new story, you get a different “what if” scenario to play out.

Harry Potter is the most popular fictional universe for fan fiction. As of the middle of 2023 there are 845,000 Harry Potter themed stories posted on fanfiction.net. Which are the best?

The best of the best:

Long stories worth reading:

Quick, short, fun stories:

And quite a few others that are entertaining, which made it on my Favorites list, but not as good as those above:

There are over 800,000 others too. As you venture into those, do note that most of the stories are written one chapter at a time. If the story is not marked “Complete” then it may just suddenly stop, and many writers take years to finish their stories while others abandon the stories mid-way. Similarly, the story might be marked as complete, and it is, but it ends on a cliffhanger with a sequel that is itself still in progress, or worse, nothing but a teaser.

My biases… obviously Hermione wakes up, drops Ron, and she and Harry live happily ever after. Unless… the enigmatic Daphne Greengrass tells Harry otherwise (Daphne being mentioned all of twice in canon, but nonetheless a popular character in fan fiction). Or occasionally Fleur, Tonks, Susan, or back in time with Marlene or even a teenage Minerva. The point is to explore the “what if” variations. You thus won’t find too many Harry/Ginny stories in this list.

OP = Over-powered. Sometimes the authors go a bit overboard given Harry such powers that vanquishing Voldemort is as difficult as snapping his fingers.

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