Isolated in Seattle


Some people live in the past, with nostalgia as their favorite feeling. Some people live in the future, often with pessimistic dread or optimistic utopian glee. Times like these are a good moment to take time to live in the present.

Enjoy a sunbreak (as we call it in Seattle when a few minutes of sunshine breaks through the clouds). Enjoy making waffles with your child (which they are home from the school which is no longer operating). Enjoy a walk outside (by yourself, ideally a stone’s throw from anyone else).

One of the benefits (and drawbacks) of being a serial entrepreneur is a honed talent for seeing the near future. It takes years to build a company. To be successful you have to be able to see what the world might be in a year or two or three. Here in 2020 that is a drawback, as I see the statistics and trendlines from the pandemic, and can’t help from extrapolate to next month and this coming summer, best case and worst case, etc.

But I’m putting that on hold today. Yesterday the schools here closed. Nothing I can do about that. Last night the POTUS told us he has no plan, and no clue. There is nothing I can do about that either. This morning I called my local clinic to see if testing is finally available, and it’s not. So we sit here blindly unknowing for another day.

We’ll be sitting around for many months to come. We will soon all have plenty of time to enjoy now, for however long now lasts.

Finally, given the news of Tom Hanks and his wife Rita, a quote adapted from Sleepless in Seattle came to mind this morning:

Well, we’re gonna get out of bed every morning.. breathe in and out all day long. After a while we won’t have to be reminded to get out of bed every morning and breathe in and out.. and, then eventually, we won’t have to think about how great we all had it for a while.
– Isolated in Seattle

Purposeful misquote from Sleepless in Seattle

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