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Time again for the annual visit to San Francisco to attend and present at SOCAP, the social capital conference.  Once again this year, I’ll be running a workshop, “Investing without Exits“, Wednesday, 2:20pm in the Fleet Room.

Early stage impact investors face a market that has few acquisitions, fewer IPOs, and is filled with entrepreneurs who liken selling their companies to selling out. How can investors earn a reasonable (or market rate) return? This workshop will share the investment structure used by Fledge – the conscious-company accelerator – as a framework for discussing and sharing our ideas for investing in a world without exits.

Unlike most of the sessions at SOCAP, this event is organized as a workshop, where everyone attending will have a chance to share ideas and talk.  The goal is to not only share the structures used by Fledge, the Seattle Impact Investing Group, and others, but to hear from others on their experience and their learnings, and then to go beyond what has been tried and hopefully hear some new ideas.

My own thoughts and experiences can be read on this blog:

If you are an impact investor, impactful entrepreneur, or philanthropist thinking about increasing the impact your dollars can have in the world, I highly recommend attending SOCAP.  Hopefully I’ll see you there…

[UPDATE: slides from my talk are posted here, and learnings from the show here]
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