24. Excitement & Passion & You


Convey your excitement.

IF YOU ARE NOT passionate about your idea, stop here. If you cannot convey your passion and excitement to the audience, there is no point in making the pitch.

RULE 45:
If you are not excited, the audience won’t care, either.

In an investor pitch, the investors are watching and listening to see if your company is worth funding. If you do not appear to be passionate about the company, there is no chance they will want to entrust you with their money, no matter how good the idea is.

In a recruitment pitch, the potential employee is watching you to see if you are someone he or she wants to work with. If you do not seem excited about your company and the opportunity, there is little chance the person will want to join your team.

Even in a sales pitch, if you do not come across as knowledgeable, trustworthy, and excited, few customers will want to do business with you. After all, while they may get value from your product no matter how you present it, when buying a product from a new company (or a new product from an existing company), they are trusting that the product will still be for sale and maintained indefinitely into the future.

Without passion and excitement as a presenter, you are just wasting the audience’s time.


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