10. Benefits


You are standing in my shoes

Before you start writing descriptions about your company and its product or services, think about the intended audience. Do not focus on what features your solution includes, but instead consider what benefits your solution provides to your intended audience.

Or, in other words, imagine you are a member of that audience. Feel that person’s problems as if they were your own, and write the words that would entice you to buy the product.

For example, when describing Coca-Cola to a consumer, don’t write about its being cold, sweet, and packaged in an aluminum can. Instead, write about its being refreshing, comforting, and great with dinner.

For your startup marketing, remember that you have multiple audiences to talk to, and each receives overlapping but ultimately different benefits from your company. At a minimum, these audiences include:

  • The end consumers
  • Future employees
  • Investors


If you are working on a multi-sided business (e.g., an online marketplace, matching customers with vendors), you may have two or more sets of customers to worry about or one set of consumers and another set of partners. If you are selling a product or service to another business, that business is your customer, in addition to and distinct from any end consumers.



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