12. Logo


If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a logo is perhaps 500…

Great brands have great logos. That said, you have an unknown startup. Many people say that, given the limited resources of a startup, you should focus on your brand name and not bother with a logo. My suggestion is that, in most cases, a logo is well worth some of those limited resources. I say that a great logo adds value and recognition to the company name.

I agree that you should not spend a large amount of time or money on a logo. For my logos, I use 99designs.com, a crowdsourced design service. Through that service, I’ve had logos created in less than week, for less than $500.

To convey to the designer the key aspects of your brand, share your core essence and share your two-sentence summary. A good designer will be able to pick colors that match the tone and style of a brand, given that information.

And give some thought to whether your logo should sit next to your company name, or whether it should incorporate your name.

fledge      hubseattle

Either way, make it look professional.



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