17. Phones and Tablets


A chicken in every pot, and a phone in every pocket.

The world has gone mobile. Over five billion people worldwide access the Internet via a phone, compared with only two billion via a computer. More tablets are now sold than computers. Over half of all the mobile phones in the United States are now smartphones.

With those three trends in mind, it is no longer sufficient to set up a website for your company, expecting visitors who use their PC or notebook. Your website will be visited by people using their tablets and mobile phones. With a “responsive” WordPress theme, your website will look and act correctly on phones, tablets, and PCs.

In some industries, it may already be more important that your customers have a good experience accessing your product on their phones rather than on a computer. This change is true for social media companies, with Twitter and Facebook reporting more usage via phones than PCs. It’s certainly true for services like Square and Snapchat, which launched as mobile-centric companies.

For media companies, the tablet trend is important. Newspapers, magazines, and movies are being consumed more and more on tablets.

For your company, consider paper, computer, tablet, and phone, and rank them in order of importance as communication channels between you and your customers. Spend your marketing dollars and time accordingly.



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