18. Purple Cows


I’d rather see than be one…

All the advice in the previous chapters is well known. Every brand is following that same plan. As such, your customers are receiving your competitors’ newsletters, following your competitors’ tweets, hearing about your competitors in the news, seeing them on lists, etc., etc., etc.

You need to do something to stand out. To be remarkable.

Marketer, entrepreneur, and author Seth Godin calls such actions “purple cows.” As in, if you were on a Sunday drive and passed a few farms, you might point out the first group of cows, maybe the second, but not the third. But, if you came to a farm with a herd of purple cows, you might not just point them out, you might stop, take pictures, and tell your friends about them.

What is the purple cow in your marketing plan that will get other people talking about your company?

Further Reading

Purple Cow by Seth Godin, and anything else by Seth Godin

purple cow (sm)



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