6. Practice


Perfect your marketing via practice…

This book teaches you some new tools, and it challenges you to be creative in talking about your company. Like with any other skills, practice will provide better results.

One way to practice is to try out each tool on someone else’s company before you jump in to use them on your own.

Pick a few companies that everyone in the room knows well: Apple, Google, Starbucks, McDonalds, Ford, etc.. Try repeating the following exercises for your local sports team. Your local newspaper. Your favorite restaurant.

Pick two or three of these brands, and run through each exercise for those brands. This not only lets you practice the tools, but it eliminates the stress of trying to find the “right” answer or the “best” answer.

Marketing has no right answers. The best marketing is highly creative and unexpected. The very best marketing causes the phone to ring.

When playing around with other companies and their brands, be as creative and “out of the box” as you can. Then take that creativity with you as you work on your own brand.


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