The Rules for Rulers


Remember when YouTube was a site to post snippets of videos of your baby, puppy, or kitten?  Perhaps its still used for that… but for me, it is a near-daily source of snippets of lifelong learning.  I subscribe to well over 100 different channels, spanning a dozen different topic areas.  A few of these are spectacularly good at telling an compelling story which conveys an interesting concept in under twenty minutes.

One of the best of these shortform storytellers is CGP Grey.  And while one of his latest videos is 19 minutes long, it explains in those few minutes what no one else had ever explained to be about government in 47 years:  Why are most rulers seemingly so bad at their job?

And then he made a sequel, which is just as interesting.

While this seems outside the genre of startups, the concepts around rulers, keys, etc. are totally relevant within the power structure of businesses.  With rare exceptions, businesses are organized as hierarchical ruling systems, just like monarchies, and the CEOs are as removable as kings and dictators when they lose the faith of their key supporters.
By "Luni"


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