The World’s Population (in one chart)


These days it seems everyone knows China and India each have over 1 billion citizens, but ask an audience to name the third most populous country, and very few seem to know. Ask to list the top five, and its just the rare few who love the intersection of global geography, demographics, and statistics who can answer the question.

I stumbled on the above chart, and its interactive website, and it answers those questions (USA, Indonesia, Brazil are 3rd, 4th, 5th with Pakistan and Nigeria catching up fast. The chart answers a lot of other questions too.

Half the world is Asian! There are more Africans than Europeans. Now it is obvious why Mexico, Brazil, and Columbia dominate the economics of LatAm.

And if you like demographics, don’t miss the rest of the Population Pyramid website, which showcases the ages of the people in each country, and the inevitable growth of global population.

By "Luni"


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