Fledge Licensees


Fledge is the conscious company accelerator, a 10-week intensive, exclusive business accelerator helping the best impactful startups from around the world.

As a licensee of Fledge, this is your home page for finding the resources you need to operate your Fledge program.  Plus the 50+ page guide explaining the structure and learnings from operating Fledge is online, accessible from the link below.

Director’s Guide

First Chapter »»


Below are the templates for the documents sent to the invitees.  Edit them to match your needs and share them with the invitees/fledglings as PDFs.

  1. Calendar of events
  2. Fledgling Invitation
  3. Fledgling Participation Agreement
  4. Fledgling Stock Purchase Agreement

Slides for Orientation and The Next Step

Once all the invitees have signed their Participation Agreements, fill out the following spreadsheet for their account to access The Next Step curriculum.

  1. CSV for The Next Step accounts


Contact List




HardcoverThe Next StepThe Next StepThe Next StepThe Next Step The Next StepThe Next StepThe Next Step



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