Below are all the slides needed for the entrepreneurship class within Fledge.

You’ll need to fill in some of the blanks and update the images to make your orientation specific to your city and program. Below that are all the slides from all the online lectures of The Next Step. Below that are slides from the Extras from those lectures plus many other useful mini-lectures.


A1- Fledge Orientation

A2- The Purpose of Business

A3- Tools

Slides from The Next Step online classroom

L1 – Online Lesson – Lean

L2 – Online Lesson – Opportunity Size

L3 – Online Lesson – Competition

L4 – Online Lesson – Business Plan Canvas+

L5 – Online Lesson – Financial Planning
L5 – Online Lesson Materials – Lemonade

L6 – Online Lesson – The Realities of Funding

L7 – Online Lesson – Marketing

L8 – Online Lesson – Sales

L9 – Online Lesson – Corporate Culture

L10 – Online Lesson – Pitching

L11 – Online Lesson – Story Telling
S1 – Pixar in a Box

Other useful lessons

X1- Speed

X2 – Keep Organized

X3 – Plan for Failure

X4 – Perks

X4 – The Lean Launchpad

X5 – Information Asymmetry

X6 – Teams

X7 – Talking to investors

X8 – Drive and Passion

X9 – Luck

X10 – Networking

X11 – Relentlessly Resourceful


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