The Business Presentation Pyramid


A few years ago, Alexander Osterwalder invented a new way to talk about and visualize business models, creating the Business Model Canvas.  This tool has made it far easier for entrepreneurs to understand, iterate and communicate their business models.

I’ve taught the Canvas to hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners, and found it quite useful.  However, every time I did so, the process felt incomplete.  A business model is not a business plan, and what I wanted in all these cases was to visually see the rest of the story.

Like many breakthrough ideas, one day in the Summer of 2013, I had my own “aha” moment, augmenting the Canvas with five new boxes, creating the Business Presentation Pyramid.

A quick overview in video form:

Or read the book online, or buy a copy for yourself:

Business Presentation Pyramid r1 (200x200)   

What do you think?  Is there another box missing?  Does this work for you?

By "Luni"


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