The Next Step is now a podcast too…


Here in 2018, it seems a bit 19th Century to focus solely on writing books.  Yes, I also write a blog, and those were not invented until the late 20th Century, but podcasts are one of the 21st Century’s contributions to media, and feels like a medium that is just starting to take off.

I’ve thus jumped on the podcasting bandwagon using The Next Step brand from my books as the title and core concept.

The first episode is live as of this week.  You can stream it on the new podcast page, but better if you subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play so that you don’t miss the upcoming, weekly episodes.

The plan is to start with topics straight from Book #1, but then soon veer off into the musings I’ve posted here from my blog, and to also include interviews with actual entrepreneurs and discussions with other mentors like me who support entrepreneurs.

If there is a topic you’d like covered, let me know.  If you have any questions about startups, post them to me on Quora.

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