Real Impact by Morgan Simon


Two weeks ago Morgan Simon announced her new book, Real Impact.  I was going to toss it on the end of my queue, not expecting it to be part of my quest for answers to inequality, but was proven wrong.

First and foremost, the book is the best primer I’ve read on impact investing.  The first half walks through why we need to align capital with social and environmental solutions and the second half explains how to do that.

Along the way Morgan goes deep into example investments, many of which address social justice issues.  She beautifully explains how she and her various partners thought through the issues and in detail list out their outlines for how to architect socially justice businesses.

From all my readings, one key missing component to fixing inequality is employee ownership, and Morgan has already implemented some of these ideas.  Confirmation bias almost always feels good, but in this case I’m thinking I’m a few steps behind Morgan’s deeper experience.

Morgan is one of the people in the community of impact investors who makes me feel like a slacker, but I’m hoping to someday catch up.  The good news is that we’ve met a few times before and that her partners Andrea and Aner both helped with my workshop at SOCAP last week, so I’ve got a good path to get my questions answered, to fill in the details not included in this book.

More on those when I have them.

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