The Next Step: Online Classroom


The Next Step online classroom teaches the process of taking an idea and turning it into an operational startup.  These lectures are based on the entrepreneurship education within Fledge, the conscious company accelerator and the Entrepreneurship class taught to the MBA candidates at Presidio Graduate School.

This material is based on The Next Step series of books, but not identical in content, and quite different in form and style.  It is recommended that the books be read along side watching the lectures.

Table of Contents

Welcome. Letting go
Measuring Your Skills

0. Why? Help?
1. Lean
2. Opportunity Size
3. Competition
4. The Business Model Canvas+
5. The Financial Model
6. The Realities of Funding
7. Startup Marketing
8. Startup Sales
9. Corporate Culture
10. A Great Pitch
11. Story Telling

Guest-1. (B) Corporate Forms
Guest-2. Branding
Guest-3. Success

Extra-1. Startup Reality
Extra-2. Plan for Failure
Extra-3. Be Organized
Extra-4. Drive, Passion, and Luck
Extra-5. Attention to Detail
Extra-6. Ray Dalio

Operations-1. Accounting
Operations-2. Financial Reports
Operations-3. What is a Corporation?
Operations-4. Board of Directors
Operations-5. Budgets

Awareness-1. Site Visit Videos
Awareness-2. A Great Brand

Basics-1. Spreadsheets

Techstars. Toolkit


HardcoverThe Next StepThe Next StepThe Next StepThe Next Step The Next StepThe Next StepThe Next Step



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