The Most Popular Posts of 2019


What you learn from blogging is that you can never tell which posts will be popular:

#1Selling the First Telephone
By far the most popular post. Why? I’ve no idea. Not once has anyone every told me they read it. It’s read a few time every single day, and thus it can’t be some teacher somewhere who happens to assign it as a reading.

#2The Next Step: Podcast
This is a page, not a post, and it’s really sixtyish audio posts in one, but according to the stats, it’s the next most popular page viewed on this website.

#3A realistic view of the startup “hockey stick”
Ah… the proverbial hockey stick in a startup’s financial projections.  No one believes it, and yet it must be included in any investor pitch.

#4How many entrepreneurs are there in the world?
Walk around with a hammer, and many things look like nails. Live your life as an entrepreneur (or startup investor) and it seems like entrepreneurs are everywhere. They are not.

#5The 140-character (Tweet) pitch
Entrepreneurs fret over the 30-second “elevator pitch”. Here in 2016, entrepreneurs should be fretting more over their 140 character, one-line “tweet pitch”.

#6Don’t Forget to Work (your startup) Backwards
In working with 100+ entrepreneurs I constantly see entrepreneurs looking forward into the unknown future, but few looking backward. Not backward into the past, but backward from their ultimate goal.

#7Your Entrepreneurship Skills
Another page, not a post. This time I know why it’s popular. I assign this to every entrepreneur I work with, and suggest you do the same.

The term “impact investing” was made popular by a book with that title in 2011, but there is no consensus on how to define “impact”.

#9The unintuitive Hype Curve (of startup value)
Why does one startup get picked over another for funding?

#10Forget accounting, focus on ledgers, lists, and summaries
Another lesson. The biggest pitfall I see with entrepreneurs is accounting, or more specifically, how to keep track of sales, customers, and everything else.

#11Breaking the paradigm of startup investment
I like this post so much I wrote a book on the topic. A.k.a. “How to invest without exits”, a.k.a. “You (investors) are doing it wrong!”

#12Investing without “Exits”
Similar to the above paradigm post with with words instead of video.

#13The Role of (startup) Lawyers
Do startups need lawyers?  Absolutely, but not as much as many first-time entrepreneurs think. Lawyers play two important roles for startups.  Rules and Risks.

#14Before the chasm… comes the valley of death
Chasm as in Crossing the Chasm, but first you need to get past the Catch-22 of startup funding that we call The Valley of Death.

#15Hockey sticks are really S-curves
I love uncovering hidden assumptions.  One in particular gets written about every day in one form or another.  The high-speed growth of a handful of startups, of Bitcoin, and other “overnight successes“.

#16How much money DOES it take to start a startup?
Articles like Enough Money To Start a Company? are refreshing.  The quick gist, that even some of the biggest name companies on the planet started with little to no funding.

#17Timeless Things That Aren’t Really Timeless
It’s not just me who appreciates when “timeless things” are not as old as we think.  Did you know that the pro/con list is less than 250 years old?  That we know who invented it?  That it was none other than polymath and U.S. founding father Benjamin Franklin?

#18California Capitalism
The root cause of today’s trouble is that the venture capital industry, along with most of the Angel community are following along a paradigm that works for less than 0.1% of all startups.

#19 – The most popular posts in 2018
Quite a few changes from year to year. As I said earlier, you just can’t tell what will be popular.

19 posts in honor of 2019. Thanks for reading!

By "Luni"


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