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One, and only one of my blog posts is viewed every day. Seven days per week. I’ve never figured out why. It’s viewed more than the home page, by almost a factor of two. Here are my most popular blog posts in 2021, as measured by page views.

#1 – Selling the first telephone
How do you sell one telephone, as one telephone alone has no value.

#2 – How many entrepreneurs are there in the world?
A lot fewer than you think.

#3 – What a mild (and moderate) case of Covid-19 feels like
I caught this horrid disease back in February 2020, before the lockdowns.

#4- We’ll Count the (Actual) Dead in 2021
The official counts of deaths by Covid-19 are far below reality

#5- Your Entrepreneurship Skills
Entrepreneurs need a variety of skills. Click to measure yours.

#6- California Capitalism
The methods used by venture capitalists barely work for venture capitalists and only work in a few cities in the world. Click for two other solutions.

#7 – A realistic view of the startup “hockey stick”
What does revenue growth really look like in real startups?

#8- 2050 is closer than 1990
Welcome to the future!

#9- Forget accounting, focus on ledgers, lists, and summaries
So many first time entrepreneurs don’t understand the power of numbers. Click for a very simple way to know what is happening in your business, all with spreadsheets, all without all the nonsense of accounting.

#10- The Ownership Model Canvas
How a company is owned and governed is as important as what it does.

#11- The 140-character (Tweet) pitch
How to create a memorable opening line for your startup.

#12- Impermanence (nothing lasts forever)
Western philosophy craves stability, predictability and tradition. We want today to be a lot like yesterday. It’s not. Buddhism has known this for over a millennia. They call it impermanence.

#13- Creating a simple, compelling pitch deck
A slide-by-slide guide to creating a compelling pitch deck (complete with 12-part podcast)

#14- All the World’s Money
From the Visual Capitalist, an infographic that helps you visualize all the world’s money

#15- Chopping down a Tree (is sometimes the better lesson)
The sequel to Blowing up a Dam and The Answer is Brute Force.

#16- Gemeinschaftsgefühl
When impact investors can’t agree on what to call impact investing.

#17- Creating a startup ecosystem
A post from 2015 explaining how to create a startup ecosystem in your community. Not much has changed since then other than now we know startup accelerators work and accelerators for Angels are working now too.

#18- Breaking the paradigm of startup investment
An older version of the California Capitalism post.

#19- MIT’s study on social collapse: too soon to tell
Don’t always believe the headlines.

#20- Irreplaceable
One of many tragedies of the pandemic.

Quite a few of the posts are about the pandemic. Some of my answers about the pandemic on Quora went viral back in 2020, which is the big blip on the graph above. Most are advice for entrepreneurs, with some advice for investors thrown in.

And it’s fitting here in year two of the pandemic to end the top 20 list with a tribute to Mavis Nducha, who we lost to Covid-19 earlier this year. She is truly irreplaceable.

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